ster·e·o·type  II: subjects of stigma and social perception
is a series of dimensional sculptural pieces composed of painting, photo collage, and scene printing mounted on wood. These multimedia pieces are composed of different mediums to showcase complexity, as a metaphor to represent each subject portrayed. 
In today's society, we are all stigmatized regardless of our geographic origin, race, religion, background, or social class. As a Cuban American, I am subjected to untrue stereotypes related to my ethnicity and my culture every day. 
In this series, I have worked with individuals who are completely different from what society portrays them to be. They are labeled according to preconceived notions that our culture has embedded in our brains of how they should act and look. In my work, these subjects, who are superficially seen and judged, carry their stigma like a heavy pile of trash everywhere they go. These associations then become part of their environment, linking and uniting them to their stereotypical beliefs.   

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