Encounter is a mixture of two different projects combined. Watercolor head cutouts float on top of acrylic, and charcoal collages, mounted on wood. 
I have been married to my husband for over four years and together for more than twelve. This project started as testament of what marriage is to us, a homosexual couple living in this crazy current political climate. What started as a personal project and journey, however, quickly became something bigger than us. A universal contemporary love story that has its ups and lows, just like everyone else. 
The cultural mixture (Cuban and Mexican) between the two act as a form of flexible adhesive that holds our relationship together by excitement, but that flexibility can also lead to catastrophe at times. Just like an atom, where electrons and neutrons can attract and repel one another by electromagnetic force, our differences can be appealing but our similarities can be opposing to one another. I realized after creating this personal narrative about love hardship, that I had generated also a common language that showcases a juxtaposition of positive and negative cultural unification. 
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