Ricder Ricardo graduated from the University of North Florida, Department of Art and Design with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing and Printmaking and a minor in Photography. 
He was born in Havana, Cuba in 1985, him and his family moved to the states in the year 2000 in pursuit of a better future. 
Art has always been part of Ricder's life as a child living in Cuba. In fact, it was art that provided the necessary incentive to be able to navigate through painful moments of self-doubt, bullying and political oppression throughout his childhood. As well, transitioning from a Country lacking fundamental human resources like Cuba, to the states where there is so much freedom and abundance, had huge repercussions on Ricder's life, and as a result his art.
 Today his work is very much figurative, expanding to different mediums of creation like painting, printmaking, and photography. Through art he narrates stories of survival, acceptance, tolerance, and also learns how to overcome personal obstacles. He creates work that recounts his journey of self-perception and acceptance. 
"As a young gay Cuban-American man I never dreamt that 
becoming an artist would be a possibility for me; growing up in Cuba, surrounded by poverty and lacking freedom of expression, art became the only thing that gave me fuel to dream of a better future. My work has given me the tools to find my voice and to let it be heard, by creating pieces that highlight my identity as both a Cuban immigrant and a gay man living in the United States". 

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