ster·e·o·type is a series of three-dimensional sculptural pieces where painting is applied on top of digital photos and digital collages.
In this series, I create self-portraits reflecting my state of mind during the turbulent times in America with mixed polarizing political divisions. Since these changes and uncertainties directly affect me as an immigrant, in this work I illustrate how fragmented, voiceless and hopeless I feel as our human rights are stripped away by our own government. These senseless governmental decisions affect my family members and friends most from different nationalities, ethnic, social and economic background.
In some sculptural pieces using fragmented parts of the body I construct a raw self-portrait of what it means to be a Cuban-American immigrant in the permanent exile of my country of birth. In others, portraits from immigrants of many other nations, are developed as landscapes where each immigrant is associated with stereotypical imagery and preconceived notions. These portraits are representational metaphors of each person and the way they are perceived.
I realize that working with such three-dimensionality allows me to hang these portraits and expose these lives with the same intention as meat is butchered and hung in the markets. These
people I carefully portray are often disregard by society; most are overlooked and all are undervalued.
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