"Encuentro" is the second part of "Encounter", a personal endeavor that explores the multicultural elements that add complexity to the relationship between my husband and I. The two diptychs mark a rupture in our relationship as a result of a strenuous immigration process that brought our union to a braking point. Having to navigate the marital and immigration system as a gay couple forced us to redefine our relationship to one that is more tolerant and accepting of one another. In order to do so, we had to break and rebuild ourselves in the process. 
On both diptychs I explore how the difference between our cultural upbringings and family values shape and bend our union in positive and negative ways. On the black and white paintings, "Para Seguir Hay que Sufrir (To Continue We Must Suffer)," I explore the relationship inwards. How the miscommunication between the two highlighted our cultural differences, slowly drifting us apart. For the "Encuentro" Diptych, or fire and water duo as I like to call them, I look outwards and use elements pertinent to socio-cultural and political issues, as well as geographical location in relevance to each of us. Technically, on all four pieces I explore different principles, like texture, placement, composition and color to inform my idea of complexity and detachment, but also reconciliation and resilience.
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