There are more than 393 million guns in circulation in the United States and Approximately 120.5 guns for every 100 people, according to the scientific literature. In the series works Caras, I explore the different demographics across America Affected by gun violence and furthermore the increasingly disappearance of safe spaces in the country. I come from a place, Cuba, where there was poverty, political oppression, and gender discrimination; however, gun violence was never an issue. There have been many different incidents involving the use of guns across America, some of which include: the 2016 shooting at Pulse, In Orlando FL where 50 died and 53 were injured, the 2018 shooting in the Jacksonville Landing, where 3 died and 11 were injured, and the most recent attack in 2019 that took place at a Walmart in El Paso TX where 22 people died and 24 were injured. 
Even Though all these attacks follow a similar pattern, they differentiate in location and the different groups affected by them. Making it really difficult for citizens to feel safe in common areas where these attacks should not be happening. So I ask myself and the American people, what is the solution? if there is even one. Should we ban the use of guns of should we restrict who purchase them? why are teachers and students being forced to carry weapons and defend themselves with more violence? Making it impossible to stop this. vicious cycle that only seems to generate more victims. 
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